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Gary Murphy, BROKER
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Gary received his Missouri Real Estate license in 2001 and joined the Ben Lee Real Estate sales team. In 2010 Gary became the broker/owner. Gary has resided in Cameron, Missouri his entire life. He was raised on a 150 acre family farm, which he is still involved, and has expanded to 250 acres. Prior to 2001 he was in the farm machinery business serving as salesman for 25 years to local farmers in Northwest Missouri. Gary is very passionate about the real estate business, and enjoys meeting the customers to establish a personal relationship with each individual client. Gary and his wife Linda have three children and three grandchildren. In his free time, Gary enjoys spending time with his family and is involved and supports several community activities.

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Ben became a broker in 1981 and established Ben Lee Real Estate in 1983. He would later go on to become an appraiser in 1991 to appraise land, giving each client the best value for the land that is being sold or bought. Ben was born in Winston, Missouri where he would go on to reside permanently. Ben loves to farm, garden, and meet the local citizens. Ben has also been a chairman for the water and soil in Gallatin, and president of the school board in Winston

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Rachel became an agent for Ben Lee Real Estate in 2014. She has a previous experience of title work for the past 15 years and is a registered title agent. Rachel was born and raised on a small family farm in Grant City, MO and moved to Cameron in 1998. Rachel enjoys meeting new people, camping, cooking, reading, and staying involved in her two kid’s school activities.

Office & Fax: 816.632.2566   •  [email protected]